As Pure Energy Elektrik Tedarik Anonim Şirketi (“Pure Energy” or “Company”), we use certain cookies as part of our activities on the internet. The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to explain to you what types of cookies we use and for what purposes, how we manage cookies, and what actions you can take against cookies.


Cookies are text files, generally consisting of letters and numbers, saved on your computer (or other devices such as smartphones or tablets, etc.) via browsers by the websites you visit. Cookies are created by the servers that manage the website you visit and do not contain personal data such as name, gender or address of the visitors. When a connection is established between your browser and the server, the site recognizes you through cookies. In this way, the website can determine the content to be delivered to you.


The main purposes of using cookies on our website are:

Improving the services offered to you by increasing the functionality and performance of the website,

Remembering the preferences you have made and personalizing your use of the website (It saves the hassle of entering a password more than once every time you visit, which saves your password and ensures that your website session is always open and cookies that remember and recognize you on your subsequent visits to the website),

To determine what content you display on the website and how you use the website (i.e, the duration of your visit),
To determine how you use the website and to make improvements for future uses,
To ensure the legal and commercial security of the website, you and our Company.


You can visit our website without giving any personal information, and you can meet your needs by getting information about our products, company and sales services. Cookie types are present below:

Login Cookies: These cookies are required for the website to function properly as it is one of the mandatory cookies. Session cookies enable users to access our website and take advantage of the features offered to you on our website. Session cookies are used to move information between pages on the website and to eliminate the necessity of re-entering the information.


In general, web browsers work to automatically accept cookies. Although it may differ according to the possibilities offered by the browsers, you data owners have the opportunity to prevent the use of cookies, to choose to receive a warning before cookies are used, or to disable or delete some cookies.

Cookie preferences may need to be made separately for each device the user accesses the site.

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Other Browsers

You can review the help or support pages of the relevant Browsers


In addition to the above options, for information about all cookies and for cookie management please visit: or, or “Privacy Badger” (

If you block the cookies used on our website, the efficiency of our website will decrease, you may not be able to access all functions of our website or your access may be limited. We inform you that it may not work.