• We believe that balancing is the soul of life.
  • We design the most efficient business models with unique energy market experience in a balanced manner.
  • We orchestrate renewable assets using precise algorithms with a compliant risk (management) approach.
  • We make real-time balancing which contributes to stable grid management for the sake of an influential touch to everyday life.
  • We know less is more, thus we take solid and small steps in the new energy landscape to create long term partnerships.


  • Here at Pure Energy, we truly believe that establishing strategic partnerships is done by relying on sharing values in every sense.In our ecosystem, trust is the ground zero of our relationships with friends, colleagues, business partners, shareholders, society and policy makers.
  • As a prudent team, we are eager to have fun with what we do and integrate our stakeholders to this ecosystem. We love sharing our true feedbacks with all our contacts and we do appreciate receiving even more.
  • We believe in data connectivity as well as the connectivity among people. Sharing is the only way to facilitate accumulation both in the business landscape and in the society where we are bound with our culture.
  • We believe that sustainability is the major driving force of Pure Energy and it is only possible through sharing with all stakeholders!


  • Venture was certainly the right word which described what exactly we were up to back in 2016 , a risky or daring journey or undertaking.
  • Predominately led by two mega trends de-carbonization and digitalization, the energy value chain is transforming progressively. It will be a huge challenge for those don't grasp and resist the wind of change. To remind this to ourselves at Pure, we say Mind the Gap!
  • Fuelled by passion and the desire, our founders have aimed high - not only for the business and value creation, but also for a pure culture curation.
  • The joy of achievement in a business you pioneer, incredible fun of connecting the dots, aggregating value and rewards of merchant spirit are fantastic learnings of our venture until this very day. So we embrace the challenges while keeping it Pure!